Cute baby owl video!!

Ok I need to figure out how to embed videos but this is sooooo freaking cute!!


My apartment says I have to tell them if I have a cat or dog.. does that mean I can get an owl?

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Owls to music

Blinking owls to music just fantastic! Owl Cuteness

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Hungover Owls

I love this site, its all sorts of a good time. My hubby and I have always thought owls looked like they knew how to party hard.

With witty captions they colorfully express the pain that is a hangover. Love it.

Check it out at Hungover Owls

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Fuck yeah owl Tatoos

My awesome friend Garett that owns KNWLDGE Apparel sent me over to this rocking site, Fuck Yeah Owl Tattoos.

There is quite a variety of owls on there, I tired to find my dream tattoo of two owls that look like the two blue birds that people get on their chests, but you know, owls.  But no luck. Considering I will probably never get a tattoo or even be brave enough to ride a bike down a steep hill its at least fun to look at.


Here are a few more of my person favorites:


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Owls are too trendy

To say “owls are too trendy” is like saying, “too much coffee,” it is just not something that comprehends. I view the popularity of owls as extremely convenient.  Sure owls are all over the place, but would a crazy cat lady say “cats are just too trendy,” I think not.  I do realize that not all owl items are created equally. These for example are from forever 21 and pretty darn inexpensive and to me a nice balance of trendy and crazy to make them work. I must admit I didn’t throw down the  $6 each to add them to my collection but I do feel they deserve an honorable mention.

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Owl love goes to Boy Girl Party

I am a huge fan of Boy Girl Party, my friend gave me a few buttons by her and I oh so want lots of other pieces now. Boy Girl Party is oh so owl approved.

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